by Adeleke Adeoye Seun – September 7,2023

Mercy wasn't shown at all in a friendly match that occurred on 7th September 2023 between Ilaji Football Club and TSI Football Club held on Thursday afternoon at Ilaji main stadium.

The match kicked off around 2 pm when there were a lot of possessions from Ilaji FC players and the opponents couldn’t hold them down.

The match proceeded not until the 7th minute when Abubakar opened the day with a great goal as assisted by Salem to be on the scoresheet for Ilaji FC.

The match continued from one goal to nil after TSI FC got the ball back into action by passing from the middle of the pitch. With a twinkle of an eye another long-range shot from Salem to make it 2 goals to nil in the 20th minute.

Everyone was eager to know what the outcome of the match would be before halftime. In the 34th minute, the TSI FC player made a mistake which led to the third goal by Opajobi who was assisted by Toyeeb.

The Ilaji players got too comfortable with 3 goals to nil but luckily for TSI players made so much effort and hijacked a goal to make it 3 goals to 1 in the 43rd mins before the halftime whistle.

The second half got underway with a lot of counter-attacks from Ilaji FC, the possessions were high without wasting much time another brilliant header from Jelili assisted by Yaro made it 4 goals to 1 in the 59th minute.

The match was so interesting to the extent that the fans were clapping for Ilaji players in the diaspora, not quite long after the 4th goal another beautiful high 1-2 from the corner side turned into a goal by Opajobi again with the help of R. Azeez and the scoreline changed to 5-1.

The pressing got higher in the 80th minute and a straight shot from an Ilaji FC player rounded it up to 6 goals thriller to 1 which made TSI leave the Ilaji main stadium unhappy as the friendly match came to an end.

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